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The Key Activities Your Business Needs to Survive

by Chenell Tull | Updated: August 17, 2018

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As we determined in the value proposition phase of the Business Model Canvas, there are certain things customers are going to expect from your business. The key activities block of the business model canvas helps us figure out what those are and what we should be paying attention to that might not necessarily done for value creation.

Key Activities: An Essential Building Block for Any Business Model

While it might be tempting to just start listing out ideas, let’s start by thinking about back to the pieces of the business model we already know:

The main goal here is to focus on “key” activities, not including the unnecessary ones we tend to include as the business grows. The key things are those like delivering the product or service, communication with the customer, or the actual making of said product or service.

You can absolutely keep a list of the non “key” activities just as a baseline for other things you’ll need to work on, but the key ones are most important here.

I think that’s extremely valuable because then you’re going to have a list of detailed tasks you need to build systems for. From here you can start working on your operating procedures so you can easily hand off work to an employee, virtual assistant, or contractor.

Examples of Key Activities

However, for this exercise you really just need to focus on 3-5 activities that are going to keep your business going. Here are some examples of Key Activities:

Of course, these are just a few examples and it will vary based on your business and industry.

Here are some examples of my key activities:

Now of course, I wrote down about 20 other things that are not key activities, but are things I would do to move the business forward in the future. Here are a few examples:

I hope that helps you see the difference between the two as the lines can be a little blurred. Again, don’t spend too much time here – but pick a few things that you know if you didn’t do, your business would fall apart.

That’s it for today – comment and let me know a few of your key activities.

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