35+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs & Small Biz Owners [2023 Edition]

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Entrepreneurs are people too. But we are a different kind of breed. Risk-taking, late-night working, early morning hustling people who like to create and build stuff. It’s not unreasonable to think that the gifts we want and need might be a little different than the average bear.

Here is a list of the top gifts for entrepreneurs, so you can get that special person a decent gift. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission for referring you to the product or service, but in no way does it cost you more.

The Top Gifts for Entrepreneurs, Side Hustlers, and Anyone Who Works From Home

Here are some of my favorite ideas for gifts that entrepreneurs will love. I’m the type of person where my favorite gifts are functional, not just nice looking. 🙂 So much of this list reflects that.

1. Tile Mate For Not Losing Things (Keys, Wallet, etc.)

I’m typically paying attention to something other than making sure I keep track of my keys. I know, it’s a bad habit.

The Tile Mate I have has saved me a lot of times.

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re not familiar, this awesome gadget attaches to your keys, or you can put it in your wallet and then when you lose said item, you can use the phone app to locate it – it makes a super loud noise that helps you track it down. But it also has a location beacon so it can tell you where it was last. 

I only said yes to getting one when I lost my keys once, searched for 2 hours in the snow, and then paid $150 to have a locksmith come out. I get into my apartment and realized my jacket sprung a hole and my keys were around the back of my coat. WHO KNEW!

Now I can log into the app on my phone, press a button and they make a loud noise so I can find them easier. Who knew smart house keys were a thing! 🙂

2. A Decent Notebook

Ideas are everywhere when you’re an entrepreneur.

Not just ideas, but you remember things you have to do, projects you let fall by the wayside, etc. It’d be so nice to have a durable notebook that I can carry with me and will withstand a lot of torture I put it through.

You need somewhere to jot notes when ideas come to you in the most inconvenient of places – in the car, on the plane, at dinner, even in your sleep – which leads me to my next gift idea…

3. A Really Big Whiteboard

No matter how many cool tools I try online, I always go back to writing on my whiteboard. Digital reminders get hidden by other tabs and unless a piece of paper is hanging on the wall in front of me, I’ll probably forget about it.

Plus with a whiteboard you can plan out launches and funnels, it’s just a lot of fun to use.

Oh, and bigger IS better in this category.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

I went through a serious search for Bluetooth headphones about a year and a half ago. The struggle is real on that one. So many crappy ones where I’d turn my head one way and the audio would cut out, or if my phone was in my pocket it couldn’t pair.

Sony WHXB900N Noise Cancelling Headphones

I've been using these since the middle of 2021 and they are amazing. Great range and the battery life is unheard of, lasting me multiple days of a lot of active listening.

Anyway, these are ones I bought a year and a half ago and they are still my go-to pair. And they’re usually on sale around Black Friday. Win!

5. Apple Airpods Pro

I use my Airpods every single day. I’m always listening to podcasts, or interviews with founders

New Apple AirPods Pro

If you want wireless headphones, without the cord, check these out. They always seem to be on sale around Black Friday too!

03/08/2024 07:14 am GMT

I made fun of them early on but am getting more and more skeptical about wanting to try a pair for myself.

6. A Happy Light

I hesitate with this one because maybe it’s just some “woo woo” type of product, and the name cracks me up – but I hear AMAZING things.

And I want one. now have one! It’s fantastic for those of us who wake up super early in the morning. Gets my brain’s clock working right and I just feel a little boost of energy with it on.

For someone that works inside frequently, especially when you’re not around people much, I’m sure this “Happy Light” would be a nice addition to boost your mood….not like that, sorry.

7. A French Press

A MUST for those who work early mornings or late nights. It just tastes better! Yes, I’ve become a coffee snob since I started working from home more often.

The first french press I ever bought shattered when I poured hot water into it. I stood there dumbfounded wondering if I just make coffee incorrectly? No! It was the product.

This one hasn’t done that to me and I’ve had her since 2015 and drink coffee daily. I’ve only had to buy one replacement glass thing because I dropped a metal spoon into it and it cracked. Whoops.

8. Aeropress

I hear this Aeropress thing is pretty nifty too but I haven’t tried it out myself.

Apparently, it’s a great tool to make both espresso and regular coffee that lasts longer than usual as a concentrate. For entrepreneurs who drink loads of coffee, that variety might just be the game changer they need every once in a while.

Plus, it’s pretty portable so that makes it great for business and personal travel.

9. Portable Chargers

Long flights, multi-day conferences, being out of the office all day running to meetings (well, when we were able to work in offices) – whatever the case, these things are lifesavers when you need your phone (or bluetooth headphones) are running low 😉

I recently bought this one and love it. I never worry about it running out, even when I forget to charge it between uses. Whoops!

10. Charging Phone Case

Or there is the option of going with a phone charging case – essentially giving you an entire extra charge while you’re on the go. Pretty cool!

When you’re on the phone a lot of the day or listening to podcasts for hours at a time, your battery can die pretty quickly.

11. An Audible Membership

Audio is king these days. And many entrepreneurs I talk to live and die by audiobooks and podcasts.

The audiobook subscription service most think of first, Audible is kind of like the gold standard of audiobooks, because they offer all kinds of great content:

  • Audible Originals
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts

Personally, I’m cheap and use the Overdrive app linked into my local library and rent audiobooks from them. But I know a lot of business owners who just load up on audible books for their long walks, runs, flights, etc.

Currently, Amazon is giving away 2 free audiobooks for Hustle to Startup readers, which is better than the typical one free book – don’t miss this special!

12. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Doorbell 

This thing is awesome. Can you imagine being able to see who is at your door without having to quickly get decent, throw your hair up, and run to the door?

If you’re registered to vote, you’ve likely had some extra people coming to your doors during election season (which lasts seemingly 8 months!) to campaign that you pick their candidate for election.

I’d love to have this and know that I didn’t have to run to the door if it wasn’t someone I knew, or the UPS guy...or the neighbors playing ding, dong, ditch.

13. A 6-foot Charging Cable

Again, with the whole having to move cords around and bring them with you. Having a 6 foot cable that means I can scroll Instagram when I’m sitting in bed is GREAT (and super good for your health, I know.)

I’ve had this for a few years and it’s served me well more than a few times. Like when you’re laying in bed with insomnia at 2am and have a million great business ideas. Having the phone charging closer to you means you don’t have to get up and disturb your partner.

Partners, take note – you want one of these.

14. Bluetooth Speaker

Music, Podcasts (and Audiobooks) are everything when you’re working from home. A bluetooth speaker can really amp up the mood at that point, or when you’re having friends and family over on the weekend.

This one looks pretty nice and you can carry it around on your shoulder like an old boombox from the 80s.

15. A Really Big Mug

Again, coffee is important. Here are a few of my favorite mugs found on Amazon:

Yea Man, I do Epic Shit

Although I’d probably go with this one (….if it had Prime shipping)

Because, why not?

16. A Smart Watch

You need to make sure you’re getting in your 10,000 steps when you’re sitting all day. My watch has helped me make sure I’m actually getting the steps in and moving enough to not harm my health.

I love walking so I didn’t think it’d be that hard to get my steps in…….but it is… seriously. Get them a Fitbit, Apple Watch, whatever if you love them. They need it when sitting at a desk or in meetings most of the day.

17. Waterproof Notepad for the Shower

My Favorite
Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad

Ever have that amazing idea strike while you're in your birthday suit with nowhere to write it down? Yep, welcome to working for yourself. Great ideas often come to us in the shower, and this waterproof paper will help you make sure you don't forget!

These notepads are great for entrepreneurs and "normal" people alike!

03/07/2024 09:56 pm GMT

Okay, I laughed too when I first saw it…but then I realized the genius behind it! There is literally NOWHERE in the shower to take notes if you have a great idea come to you…until now I guess!

And Lifehacker has proven that our best ideas really do come to us when we are showering. So it must be true.

18. A Robot Vacuum

We’re about to have a real conversation here.

I have a tan dog, and I have dark wood floors. It’s physically impossible to keep up with his hair. I setup the cleaning schedule and literally don’t even have to think about the house getting vacuumed anymore. Such a mental relief so I can work on stuff that brings home the bacon!

Before, I would know I needed to vacuum but the work is just flowing or I can’t stop writing, and – well work is important too. It’s the age-old debate of facing a mad spouse but having really great work done, or just vacuuming and hoping that flow state returns when you’re done.

But now that I have this little robot do it for me – problem solved!

I could just press that button and off it goes.

Another one for the genius column.

19. USB Adapters for Newer Laptops

I feel like technology went from really hard, to really easy, and now Apple and the big boys are making it difficult again. Computers with NO USB ports, what in the world.

This might sound like a really boring gift idea, but it’s also really functional.

Entrepreneurs (45 and under, HA) are generally early adopters, so this one is going to make them happy if they have a newer computer.

20. An Extra Macbook Charger

I don’t know about you, but my computer charger is plugged in in such a way that it’s a real pain to get to.

When I leave my house and head to the city for a meeting or go to WeWork, I have to bring it with me or I risk being stranded without a computer (oh no!).

Having an extra that I could keep in my bag would be SO convenient  is so convenient! This was another thing I was gifted with this year and it lives in my backpack, making it extremely easy to never forget it 🙂

This one is something I’m not sure I can live without ever again.

21. Adjustable Laptop Table, AKA Standing Desk

I’ve looked at standing desks in the past and they were all $250+ which I just don’t have for a desk. I was using a pile of books but it took up a lot of space and wasn’t the most attractive looking. I recently found this adjustable desktop and am loving it so far!

Neetto Height Adjustable Laptop Desk

This is the standing desk alternative I used for a few years when I was just getting started working from home.

I love it for the simplicity of it, how versatile it is - and of course the price! I've posted about this one before on my top gifts for entrepreneurs post because I can't get enough of it!

I had this setup for years and loved it. You can keep things under it (whereas with books all that space was lost) and it’s super convenient for changing from a standing to sitting position. I also created a list of the best standing desks if you want more information.

22. A Cord Organizer

I don’t think there’s much to say about this one other than it saves space and keeps you from having cords all over the place.

As someone with two monitors, charging cables, and my happy light on my desk, there’s a lot going on over here.

23. Keychain-Sized Charging Cable

I really didn’t think I’d use this but it’s actually genius for when you’re on the go! Who wants to carry around a full-length charging cable anyway?!

This (along with my extra MacBook charger) has been the thing I use SO often. It’s really convenient not to have to worry about making sure I have an extra cable with me when I’m working outside of the house.

It works well, is super compact and doesn’t look like a charger. It keeps my keys just bulky enough to find them in the bottom of my backpack, but slim enough that I can keep them in my pocket all day (which I do regularly).

24. Amazon Echo Dot

I was totally under the impression you had to have an Alexa device to get an Echo Dot, and that it was like an extension of the bigger one but you could put it in other places around your house.

Now that I know it’s a standalone device, I’m really tempted to get one.

UPDATE: I have one and it’s awesome. You can get your news, or favorite podcasts on the Echo which is great for when you’re cleaning or not in the mood to keep your phone on you to listen to something.

25. Amazon Echo

This is the big kahuna, bigger than the Echo Dot because it plays music much better than the smaller version would.

Apparently that is the main difference between the two, but if your loved one is an audiophile, you’ll probably want to splurge and get the larger one or they might be disappointed.

26. Subscription to Amazon Prime

At this point, it’s become almost a necessity for me. I’d waste more money on shipping than not having it. Just being honest here.

Give someone the gift of Prime and make them happy.

27. Aerogarden Indoor Herb Garden

Even if you have a self-proclaimed “black thumb”, you can keep an Aerogarden alive. These are pretty easy to setup and take care of.

28. Instant Pot or CrockPot

I’m really not into cooking so I have no clue what the difference between the two is, but I know you put food in and it comes out tasting delicious.

But with 27,000+ positive reviews on Amazon, it’s hard to deny that there is something about the Instant Pot that everyone loves.

This is now my food hack (like the Robot Vacuum) to shave housework time and increase work time 😉 It’s suchhhh a gamechanger for someone who doesn’t really like to cook.

If you know an entrepreneur who isn’t a fan of cooking, this might be the gift for them too!

Inappropriate Card Games

We all need a good laugh sometimes, these are my recommendations for getting that going.

29. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Such a classic! I love this game more than I probably should. The combinations that people come up with just make me laugh.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 10:05 pm GMT

30. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? Core Game - The Hilarious Adult Party Game for Meme Lovers

This game looks amazing. Kind of like Cards Against Humanity but with funny images to match your words too.

03/07/2024 11:09 pm GMT

If anyone in the Philly area has this game, PLEASE invite me over! 

31. Apples to Apples

The G-rated version for when your kids are around – still can be a lot of fun.

Subscription to a Physical Magazine

I love trees and all, but sometimes the paper version of a magazine is just so much more enjoyable to read. You can highlight, write on it, tear out pages and tape them on the wall for a good reminder of where you want to be in 5 years.

32. Entrepreneur Magazine – At $12 a YEAR, it’s quite a deal. I got this one this year and have been loving the physical aspect of having the actual magazine in front of me.

33. Fast Company – $5 a year!

34. Inc Magazine – $5 a year

These all also have Kindle options too so you can save some trees – or if you’re looking for a last minute gift 😉 I see you!

35. A Dream Journal

I’m kidding, kind of. I wake up ALL the time in the middle of the night with ideas and if I don’t write them down I have a really hard time falling back to sleep. My girlfriend calls this “My Dream Journal,” thus the joke.

I would LOVE if someone invented a small notebook with paper that glowed when you open it so I can see what in the world I’m writing without the dreaded phone light.

Rant over.

Alright Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs, what do you think? What would you like to see on this list that I missed?

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  1. This list is amazing. I was looking for a gift for my brother by googling ‘young tech entreprenur’ and he already has 75% of the items on this list so I know that all the other items are exactly his taste. Thanks for making this! He is often hard to think of items for and this list has got me covered for the next few years!

  2. This list was so helpful for finding a gift for my brother, who is working hard to establish his business. He is also obsessed with lighting so the Happy Light idea is perfect. Thanks so much for publishing your list!


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