When Your Business No Longer Makes You Happy

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If this is your first time reading the blog, I run a small marketing agency/consultancy which I started when I was working a day job. I quit that job in June of 2017 to go full-time with this business.

I’ve decided to start posting a monthly update to show progress on my big goals for 2018 and keep myself accountable – as well as give you some ideas for how to improve your own business or side hustle.

I’m not going to lie – this post was a hard one to write.

To actually admit that I was no longer happy with my work, and take what seems like 2 steps back when I want to be jumping 3 leaps forward. HARD stuff.

But, that’s what this site is for, to share the good AND the bad – so here goes.

April 2018 Summary

New Clients:

  • Recurring:  0 new clients (I actually stopped working with 3 clients)
    This was a big shift for me. More on this below.
  • Non-Recurring Clients (coaching, one-time projects, etc.): 0 new clients

Sales Progress:

  • For the month of April year-over-year: 422% increase
  • The year through April: 684% increase

What I’ve Learned:

April was a weird month – I learned a lot of things during this time. Namely that I was no longer enjoying my work like I used to. I was working too hard on projects for big named clients that just weren’t fulfilling me anymore.

My work became actual work, which is not what I want it to be. Call me crazy, but I enjoy working 12+ hour days when I’m actually excited about the work.

But that excitement fell away and was replaced with dread and LOTS of procrastination.

I think this was a combination of not writing as much on this blog, and trying to do way too many things at once. Writing on this site gives me a sense of freedom I can’t really explain – and I feel kind of lost when I’m not doing that.

In addition, I wasn’t being realistic with the amount of work I could get done.

Because of all this, my next few posts are going to be more centered around time management and what I’ve learned about making the most of the day.

I’m currently doing a lot of research to figure out what strategies will work best for me, and I will of course be sharing what I learn with you all.

Moving forward, I’m trying to narrow down my focus a bit and work with my favorite clients, and making time for increasing my income in other areas. Hustle to Startup being one of those, as well as testing out my own marketing skills with another side project – which hopefully I can share more about soon.

This blog is my current side hustle and I am going to start treating it like I used to treat the marketing agency when I had a full-time job.

I am starting to work on this site from 5-7 am and at nights when I can find the time – while the marketing clients will fill up the rest of the day.

Goal Progress for April 2018

As a reminder, here are my overall goals for 2018:

1. Step up my networking game – Going well!

I went to 6 networking events in April:

  • Philly Tech Week Opening Party
    Every year Philadelphia has a “Philly Tech Week” which is essentially a ton of networking events in one week focused around all things Technology and Innovation. This years Philly Tech Week spanned the end of April and beginning of May so next month’s report will have some more of these.
  • Female Founders Panel
    Another Philly Tech Week event focused around some female startup founders in the Philadelphia area. This was awesome and great to see some local ladies kicking a** in the entrepreneurship space.
  • Philadelphia Internet Marketer’s Dinner
    Put on by my friends Dave and Zach, this is typically a regular meetup where a ton of people show up and network. This time, it was in the form of a dinner for around 15 people which made the event so much more high level and valuable. I met a lot of great people who are really ingrained in the Philly Marketing scene and even met a potential partner for a future project. Stay tuned!
  • Pittsburgh & X-Ambassadors
    One of my college roommates moved to Pittsburgh a few years ago and I went to visit him and his boyfriend for a long weekend. A much needed time for relaxation and to get away from work. While I was there we all went to see X-Ambassadors and I loved it! I haven’t been to a concert in a very long time, and it reminded me how much I miss them.
  • Women’s Business Development Center
    This was essentially an “orientation” for what a local business development center offers. It was cool to meet other people starting businesses in the area, but was a little too basic in itself. I think the center offers some great educational resources though which I do plan to take advantage of.
  • DayBreaker in the Clouds
    This wasn’t necessarily “networking” but was fun anyway. The event was called Daybreaker which is essentially a dance party at 7am. Yes, you wake up early and go dance with a bunch of strangers. What a cool event!

2nd Quarter Goals

Now that it’s officially Q2, I am going to be working on the following:

Increase sales by 87%

Quarter 2 Sales Goal 14%

After closing out April, I’m 14% of the way there :O – I have a LOT of work to do.

Build Out Case Studies – fail

In March I finally got some testimonials on my site – now it’s time to step this up. I need to start showing the value I’m providing so people are just guessing on what kind of service they are receiving.

Be a guest on 3 podcasts – working

Working on this one now.

Anyone interested in having someone on to talk about marketing or growing a business? ?

The Rest of 2018

Here is what’s coming the rest of the year and the progress I’ve made on other goals so far:

3rd Quarter Goals:

  • Increase sales by 77%
  • Contribute 12 guest posts – no progress
  • Set up a profitable Facebook ads funnel – no progress

4th Quarter Goals:

  • Increase sales by 58%
  • All out marketing frenzy – no progress

Online Business Tools Worth Mentioning:

  • ConvertKit – I’ve officially migrated over my entire list to ConvertKit and love it so far. I am still getting the hang of customizing everything, but so far so good!

I think this April brought a lot of challenges, but I’m working through them and figuring out how I truly want to be spending my time.

6 thoughts on “When Your Business No Longer Makes You Happy”

  1. Kudos for taking charge of your business and life, Chenell. There’s nothing wrong with changing directions! That’s what’s awesome about being your own boss. I’m just a message away if you ever need to vent! 🙂

  2. Chenell,

    This all sounds too familiar. To me, it just says that you’re doing things right. My journey has been very similar over the past five years. I quite my job five years ago this July and since then, I’ve had many ups and downs.

    There have been times I’ve been motivated and times where I didn’t want to work at all. Through it all though, what’s important is that you keep at it (which is surely looks like you’re willing to do). I know you’ll be successful. I see much potential in you.

    Let me know how I can help. Talk soon!



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