Best Unbounce Alternatives in 2021

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To get the most out of your marketing campaigns, you need to have a strategy for converting website visitors into customers. One effective approach is using landing pages.

Landing pages are specially designed to capture customer information, sell products and/or grow your audience. This step helps you stay in direct contact with potential customers and leads while preventing competitors from doing so.

Unbounce is one of the better landing page platform on the market, and they have a ton of great tools you can use to drive sales and grow your email list. But there are many other tools that provide similar functionality that you might want to take a look at before making your decision.

Starting at $80/mo, Unbounce’s pricing can be a little steep especially if you’re just looking for a simple landing page builder without all of the bells and whistles.

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or blogger, I’ve compiled some of the best Unbounce alternatives and competitors so that you can decide which is right for your needs.

The Best Unbounce Alternatives

1. Leadpages

I’m a big fan of Leadpages, so it tops this list as my favorite Unbounce alternative.

Leadpages is one of the better landing page software tools on the market to create high-converting landing pages that look great on mobile and desktop, without the need for any design skills.

With Leadpages, you can grow your email list quickly using their simple landing pages and pop-up optin boxes. You can even collect phone numbers using their LeadTexts tool, which is great for podcasters and speakers who’s audience might not be at a computer when they hear from them.

Leadpages offers a free 14-Day Trial so you can test it out and see if it works for you.


I've been using Leadpages since 2015 and love it. The simplicity of being able to A/B test offers and the design of pages is great.

A great option for online business owners to setup great looking landing pages really quickly. Leadpages integrates with all kinds of 3rd party tools as well!

2. Landingi

Landingi is a tool that exploded onto the market a few years ago and has been proving to be a great option for those looking to build out full funnels, landing pages, and grow their email list.

Landingi is a landing page builder that allows you to build and optimize your conversion rate quickly. You can use the drag and drop builder or use our pre-built templates to get going fast.

You can get started with Landingi for a little cheaper than Unbounce, and they offer more in terms of creating full marketing funnels.

There are hundreds of different templates you can use to create your pages, and a lot of customization options you can use to create more robust pages.

You can get a free 14-day trial of Landingi as well to test it out and see if you like it.

3. Instapage

instapage landing pages

If you are running a ton of marketing campaigns and using paid traffic, or you just want all of the bells and whistles a landing page platform can give you, Instapage could be the best option for you.

Instapage - The World’s Most Advanced Landing Page Platform

One of the more premium landing page builders, Instapage offers a ton of personalization options, as well as multivariate testing. This tool is great for marketers and agencies who are running paid traffic campaigns and those who want their pages to load lightning fast.

Instapage is the top choice for bigger brands and people who have money to spend to get the best features.

One of the leaders in landing page personalization, Instapage gives you the ability to create custom landing pages that test different design options and target specific audiences with personalized messages to tailor your site’s offerings.

Instapage not only lets you create beautiful landing pages quickly, but it also allows for further personalization by testing different designs and tailoring messages for specific visitor types.

You can also match the copy on your pages to the keywords people searched for if you are running Bing or Google ads.

4. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a great landing page creator you can use to create responsive landing pages and run split tests to see which versions work better with your specific audience.

OptimizePress also have OptimizeCheckouts available on their higher tiered plan, but which is great for E-commerce businesses. You can create sales pages, checkout pages, and confirmations that are customized for your brand and style.

5. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is a pretty great marketing platform. They offer all kinds of tools you can use to grow your business and your email list.

SendinBlue helps you create high-quality landing pages, but can also be used as an email marketing service. It’s easy to use and has an awesome guided creator which lets you pick the goal of your page, and then helps you with the fields you should be using and high-converting templates you can use.

Compared to Unbounce, Sendinblue has a ton of other tools you can use their platform for in addition to creating landing pages:

  • CRM tools
  • Live chat tools
  • Customer service inbox
  • Email marketing tool
  • SMS marketing
  • Facebook ads manager

While it does come with a bit of a learning curve, Sendinblue is quickly gaining popularity among online business owners.

You can try if for free, and then it starts at around $25/mo.

6. SeedProd

SeedProd is a landing page builder brought to you by the same folks behind Optinmonster. If you aren’t familiar, Optinmonster is a pop-up tool that helps you collect email addresses from visitors on your website.

SeedProd is the compatible WordPress plugin that creates landing pages without needing to leave your WordPress dashboard.

Starting at just $39.50 per year (yes, thats a one-time annual fee), it’s pricing structure is well suited for those looking for a cheaper option to Unbounce.


Powerful landing page plugin to help you create beautiful landing pages quickly.

7. Hubspot

While Hubspot initially seems free, it does have quite a hefty cost on the back end once you start paying for the service.

However, their tools are great if you’re looking for a landing page builder that doubles as a CRM (customer relationship manger).

8. ConvertKit

Yes, this is mainly known in the market as being an email marketing platform first, ConvertKit can actually help you create some pretty great landing pages.

If you’re already using them for email, then I’d start there and see if they can offer what you’re looking for. I currently use ConvertKit for my email marketing, so I have tried out these landing pages before. And they work great if you’re just collecting email addresses.

I’ll warn you that ConvertKit is not the most robust platform, but that forces you to keep things simple and to the point.


A great option for getting started with email marketing. You can segment your audience, creating landing pages, email opt-in forms, and it makes it easy to stay GDPR compliant.

Do You Even Need a Landing Page Platform?

In short, no you don’t. You can create landing pages in WordPress or your website tool themselves. The drawbacks to this are:

  • They won’t be as easy to create
  • You might waste a ton of time figuring out how to make it look good
  • They probably won’t convert as well
  • They aren’t going to look as good as something built with a tool built for this use case specifically

So yes, you can use your email marketing platform’s forms and embed that on a page and go from there, but you might experience a little more trouble than you would using a tool like Leadpages or Unbounce.

So What is the Best Unbounce Alternative?

The best Unbounce alternative to creating high converting landing pages is going to be the one you will actually use. My go to and most of my clients use Leadpages. It’s simple to get started and has a price point that is manageable for most online businesses.

If you’re looking for something more robust to create segmented paid traffic campaigns, I’d recommend Instapage or actually sticking with Unbounce.

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