From Employment to Entrepreneurship

One real journey, coupled with advice from experts and successful entrepreneurs. 

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The first time I tried to quit my job, I failed.

It wasn't until 7 months later that I actually did it.  

The point is - I kept at it, and learned a TON of lessons that I share here for free.

Are you ready to take life into your own hands?

If you've ever been frustrated by people selling you ways to make $1 million dollars in 3 months dropshipping t-shirts, this site is for you....because no, I won't try and pull that on you.  

Yes, I am working to build a sustainable business that allows me to live a great life - and so far I've been able to double the income I made at my day job in just 10 months. But I'm not claiming millionaire status tomorrow, I just want to share my best lessons with you.