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March 2018 Business Goals Report + Q1 Recap!

by Chenell Tull | Updated: April 11, 2018

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If this is your first time reading the blog, I run a small marketing agency/consultancy which I started when I was working a day job. I quit that job in June of 2017 to go full-time with this business.

I’ve decided to start posting a monthly update to show progress on my big goals for 2018 and keep myself accountable – as well as give you some ideas for how to improve your own business or side hustle.

March 2018 Summary

New Clients:

MUCH better than February’s numbers.

Sales Progress:

What I’ve Learned:

Goal Progress for March 2018

As a reminder, here are my overall goals for 2018:

1. Step up my networking game – Nailed it!

I went to 4 networking event in March:

2. Niche down and focus on a few clients – completed in February


3. Content marketing and inbound leads  Semi-Success

I launched a new Instagram account for my agency, which isn’t traditional content marketing, but it’s going to contribute to that just the same.

1st Quarter Goals:

1. Increase sales by 25% – COMPLETE

[wp_progress_bar text=”Quarter 1 Sales Goal” pc=”100″]

Woohoo! I increased total sales by 26% so I just squeaked by, but I’m happy with where this puts me.

Productize My Offerings – Fail

I’m still stuck on the best way to go about doing this, so I’ll be pushing this off into Q2.

Redesigning My Site – COMPLETE!

Now that it’s done I feel so much better about how it makes our agency look online.


2nd Quarter Goals

Now that it’s officially Q2, I am going to be working on the following:

Increase sales by 87%

[wp_progress_bar text=”Quarter 2 Sales Goal” pc=”3″]
As of this writing, I’m 3% of the way there :O – lot’s to go!

This is going to be VERY interesting. I was barely able to make the 25% increase, and now I’m expecting myself to bring in 87% more than that! Whoa. Stay tuned.

Build Out Case Studies

In March I finally got some testimonials on my site – now it’s time to step this up. I need to start showing the value I’m providing so people are just guessing on what kind of service they are receiving.

Build out a cold outreach strategy – complete – but updates on the way!

While I did already have this setup and running – I am going to change up my strategy a bit. Cold email just isn’t my thing, I’m making people angry and it doesn’t really align with how I like to get clients, so I’m going to be changing that up.

Be a guest on 3 podcasts – restarting

I was a guest on 2 podcasts in January, one went live in February. I want to restart this goal and try to get on 3 more before the end of Q2.

Anyone interested in having someone on to talk about marketing or growing a business? 🙂

The Rest of 2018

Here is what’s coming the rest of the year and the progress I’ve made on other goals so far:

3rd Quarter Goals:

4th Quarter Goals:

Online Business Tools Worth Mentioning:

I think this March and Q1 brought a lot of challenges, but I’m happy with how they turned out – I met my sales goals and cannot wait to see what Q2 has to offer.

Chenell Tull helps course creators with paid traffic campaigns. She quit her day job in June of 2017 and has been learning the wild world of entrepreneurship ever since. She's sharing what she's learned while building her own business from side hustle to full-time, and the software and marketing tools she can't live without.
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