Value Based Pricing: What It Is & How It Can Make You More Money

value based pricing

Are you charging based on what you’re bringing to the table, or the time you spent working on the project? If you’re charging clients hourly, you are losing money. Period. What is Value-Based Pricing? Value based pricing, also known as value optimized pricing, is a pricing strategy where you set prices based on the perceived …

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Top 7 Invoicing Software Tools You Can Use to Get Paid

software to invoice clients

Invoicing software can make life so much easier, especially when you’re just getting started. You’re not very polished with your approach and onboarding style, so the last thing you need is to send over an Excel template invoice and ask them to mail you a check. When I got my first client, I was so excited …

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7 Types of Revenue Streams [+How You Can Make Money With Each!]

types of revenue streams

How are you going to actually make money from this whole business adventure? That’s the question we’ll be walking through in this article. If you’re following along with the business model canvas, you’ve figured out who you’re helping, what value you’re going to be offering them, and what your relationships with your customers will look like. What is …

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Strategic Partnerships & Not Doing Business Alone

strategic partnerships

So you’ve figured out who you’re helping, what value you’re going to be offering them, and what channels you’ll use to reach them. But no one can do this alone – you’re going to need partnerships with certain people and companies. Today’s Business Challenge: Determining who are those people or businesses that you’ll be working with. …

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