7 Types of Revenue Streams [+How You Can Make Money With Each!]

types of revenue streams

How are you going to actually make money from this whole business adventure? That’s the question we’ll be walking through in this article. If you’re following along with the business model canvas, you’ve figured out who you’re helping, what value you’re going to be offering them, and what your relationships with your customers will look like. What is …

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Tactical vs Strategic Planning: Benefits, Examples, & Templates

tactical planning

Today’s Business Task: Create a tactical plan that helps keep you on track towards reach that SMART business goal (and yes, I have templates for you). Tactical Planning Template Grab the template for this tactical planning exercise so you can build this as you go through the post. Tactical Planning vs Strategic Planning This was one of the …

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17 Proven Ways to Cut Costs & Lower Your Business Expenses

Cutting costs and expenses for business

Many business owners don’t spend enough time actually looking at their outgoing expenses and finding ways to cut costs in a business. If they did, they’d probably be surprised at how much money we waste every month. From outdated subscriptions to consistent one-off purchases, the small things add up. The problem is that cash-flow is the …

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The Best Way to Keep Track of Your Bills

How to Keep Track of Bills

Before I was fully committed to this whole “getting out of debt” thing, I was really flying by the seat of my pants when it came to tracking my monthly bills. I hadn’t even written a list of each months payments until a few months ago. I would set up reminders here and there, but …

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