How to Organize Gmail [+ Be More Productive With Email]

Organize your gmail to save time

Keeping yourself and your business or side hustle organized is going to help you stay focused so you can grow faster and in a more sustainable way. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to start doing this is to organize the areas you use most – in this case, it is your email inbox. …

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How the Value Proposition Canvas Can Grow Your Business [+ 2 Examples]

team highfiving giving value

I’ll be honest — when I hear the terms “unique value proposition”, “unique selling position”, “USP”, etc. my eyes start to glaze over. Having a clear value proposition is probably something you have heard a hundred times but never paid much attention to, because it seems so “basic.” And it is, but it’s also what …

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12 Top Podcasts for Side Hustlers & Entrepreneurs

If you talk to a lot of people building side hustles, chances are many of them are podcast junkies. I’m definitely one of those people, although I have times where I delete everything off my phone and go on a “podcast diet.” Other than those times, you can generally find tons of podcasts on my …

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11 Actionable Ways to Get More Referrals for Your Business

Process for Getting More Business Referrals

Something I’m focusing on more in my business lately is driving referrals from current and past clients. For the past year or so, I’ve been relying on inbound referrals – essentially when friends, family, and customers refer me to other people because they enjoyed what I was able to accomplish for them, or knew someone …

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