The E-Myth Revisited Summary & Book Review

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The E-Myth Revisited has been one of only two books that have really hit me in terms of business. Because it’s had such a profound impact on me, I am working on building a more unconventional “review” of the book, by sharing my top takeaways and how I’m going to be implementing them. Instead of just one article, I’m building a separate one for each takeaway and enlightening moment I had reading it. If some of them aren’t linked to below yet, it’s because they have yet to be published! 🙂

  1. Build An Org Chart Even if You’re a Solopreneur
  2. The Entrepreneur, Manager, Technician framework
  3. Turn Your Business Into a Franchise
  4. Your Primary Aim
  5. The Strategic Objective
  6. Your Systems Strategy

Books to Add to My Reading List

In the footnotes and commentary provided throughout this book, Michael mentions a lot of authors and other books he gathered insights from. Here are the ones I’m adding to my reading list: