How to Save Hours Every Time You Bring on a New Client

onboarding document template

When you bring on a new client, you will need to get certain information from them and access to some of the tools they use. For example, as a website developer, you’ll likely need access to the back end of their website. Or if you’re running Google Ads for a client, you’ll need to get …

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The 4 Key Resources You’ll Need to Grow Your Business

Key resources lightbulbs

Key Resources are the components your business needs to build out the value proposition you promise customers. Every business needs them, and without key resources you won’t be able to bring in revenue or have a clear value proposition. Without key resources, you wouldn’t be able to deliver value and you wouldn’t have a business …

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Customer Segments Explained [+11 Questions You Need to Be Asking]

customer segments

The best way to identify your customer segments is by asking yourself a series of questions about who they are and what they need. What is a Customer Segment? Customer segments are the community of customers or businesses that you are aiming to sell your product or services to. – In other words, it’s the type …

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