Determining Your Cost Structure [+What it is & Examples]

cost structure canvas

The cost structure piece of the business model canvas helps you create a list of all the costs you will incur to operate your business. Now, when I say “all costs for your business”, I should clarify that these are the more important and bigger costs. But as you go through this example, if you …

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The 4 Key Resources You’ll Need to Grow Your Business

Key resources lightbulbs

Key Resources are the components your business needs to build out the value proposition you promise customers. Every business needs them, and without key resources you won’t be able to bring in revenue or have a clear value proposition. Without key resources, you wouldn’t be able to deliver value and you wouldn’t have a business …

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Customer Segments Explained [+11 Questions You Need to Be Asking]

customer segments

The best way to identify your customer segments is by asking yourself a series of questions about who they are and what they need. Table of ContentsWhat is a Customer Segment?Types of Customer Segments1. Mass Market2. Niche Market3. Segmented4. Diversified5. Multi-Sided Platforms/MarketsThe Value Proposition CanvasCustomer JobsCustomer PainsCustomer GainsFiguring Out Your Customer SegmentsCustomer JobsCustomer PainsGains What …

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