Meeting Your Financial Goals After Becoming Debt-Free [+Infographic]

investing ideas for motif
investing ideas for motif

My friend Joseph Hogue of wrote this great guide to help you save for goals after paying off your debt. This post does contain affiliate links. Thanks for putting this together, Joseph!

Use this guide to make investing easy and reach your financial goals after achieving your freedom from debt.

It’s a topic too often neglected on a lot of personal finance blogs. We spend so much time talking about budgeting and achieving that freedom from debt that little room is left for what to do afterwards.

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How to Actually Make Money From Your Passion

make money from your passion

Stephanie Halligan is the author for the book Art to Self: Cartoon Notes to Remind You of Your Awesomeness. Take it away Stephanie! “Follow your passion!” That advice is a tough pill to swallow. Follow your passion is missing one key ingredient: money. Follow your passion doesn’t come with instructions on how to make a …

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I Sold My Car…Now What? – Living Without a Car

living without a car

I’ve known since the day I bought my car that it probably wasn’t the best of ideas. It was an older Honda Civic, I had no one with me when I bought it, and even though I had so many questions about it, I asked barely any.

I tried my hardest to do the right thing and shop around, etc. but after all was said and done, I got impatient and bought the damn thing.

That was in 2013, and ever since that day, I’ve been too stubborn to admit that I had made a mistake when I signed the papers.

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3 Reasons We Don’t Talk About Money

Money conversations

After taking part in the Road to Financial Wellness with Jason and the Phroogal team last week, something occurred to me – I haven’t talked much about the importance of being open when talking about personal finance.

What does being open about money mean? Well, I’m not encouraging you to complain to friends all of the time that you’re broke.

I’m also not telling you to go around telling everyone in your office how much you make per hour (apparently management looks down on that….hmmmm….).

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Is It Worth It? – The 0.25% Student Loan Interest Rate Reduction

0.25% interest rate reduction

I’ve been getting some questions lately about whether or not the 0.25% interest rate deduction some student loan companies offer when you sign up for automatic payments is worth it. I’m sure there are more of you with the same question, so here it is.

While I love the idea of making personal finance “easier” through automation, I am not a fan of automating certain bills. One of them being student loans.

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