About Chenell Tull

Chenell Tull is a digital marketer, founder of Hustle to Startup, and chief marketer at Conversion Owl Marketing.

She loves helping freelancers grow their businesses, and her content has helped over 200,000 people who have visited this website.

Geographer turned Marketer?

You know how a lot of people get a degree in something completely non-relevant to what they end up doing throughout their career?

Well, in 2009 I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Geography.

That means I’m at least semi-qualified to help navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship. That was a joke, ironically I’m not the person you want to ask if you need directions.

So what does one do with a degree in Geography? Well, they wait tables of course – an experience I think everyone should be required to complete before getting a “real job”.

This was 2009 after all, so after months of searching for ANY job, I was lucky enough to have AAA think that my degree made me qualified to be a travel agent (of sorts).

After a few years jumping around that department, I charmed my way into the E-Business department, and eventually took over paid traffic for the Mid-Atlantic region. It was one helluva learning experience coming from no background, but it led this Geographer to become a full-blown digital marketing entrepreneur a few years later.

My Foray Into Entrepreneurship

chenell tull

I left the company in 2017 and started helping friends and family with their digital marketing projects.

I’ve been lucky enough to help large digital businesses, as well as small local companies. And I still enjoy doing that to this day.

Even as an introvert, I’ve been able to get clients I never thought I’d be able to. After hearing many friends call me the “client genie” or “the person who gets clients left and right”, I realized I was probably onto something.

I hear a lot of people struggling online with growing their own freelancing business, and so I share my processes for getting clients, growing a business, and other business techniques on the blog.

My goal every day is to help passionate freelancers be able to get enough clients to sustain their lifestyle and spend more time with their families, and doing what they love.

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