Hustle to Startup

FREE 30-Day Business Jumpstart Course

Join me LIVE as I create a 30-day course on the basics of business - the important stuff most people skip!

Want to increase your chances of still being in business in 5 years?

Yeah, me too!

I'm challenging myself to publish a blog post every day for 30 days. With that, I've decided to build a course around all of the business basics that many small business owners COMPLETELY SKIP.

I've been going through a 10-week business course and it's blowing my mind. I thought I knew all of this stuff and was on the right path.

After 14 months of being in business, I've been screwing up...big time!

I have to wonder if skipping all of these steps isn’t a huge contributor to the reason that only 80% of businesses make it past the first year, and 50% of small businesses fail within 5 years.

Let's change that.

I'm going to be posting everyday for 30 days, while teaching myself new business concepts and sharing what I'm learning with you!

These are going to be big topics but include actionable things you can do or start thinking about implementing in your business.

Is this EVERYTHING you need to know to run a sustainable business?

Nope! But it's a damn good start :) Let's do this.

30 Days to Build a More Sustainable Business

  • Watch the course get built LIVE
  • Help me choose the topics
  • Get your questions answered!

Starts Monday, August 6th!